Cloud Security for Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and AWS


Organizations have embraced the Cloud as a way of storing their data. With the increased use of Cloud, it is important to know that it has come up with new data security measures. The older perimeter-based security models are now giving way for newer models that are identity-based. The reason is that it has identified that perimeter defenses can no longer secure data as they are subject to breach. With all these changes, there rises a need to look into public clouds such as Amazon web services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure and their approach to Cloud Security
The aws devops dashboard is one of the public cloud providers. It is essential to know that AWS started its Cloud from scratch, and this gives them an edge over their competitors as they can change the design they offer. There is the need to know that they have pinned identity as their control mechanism and have continued adding new functionality to the identity control make their security even better. Amazon have a lot of security tools and features that give them a good base for their cloud security needs. On the downside, it is challenging to identify things in the user's Cloud as they do not have a central view. They also lack consistency naming patterns and handling resource statements. Read more about data security here. 
The other public Cloud that one needs to look at is Microsoft Azure. One needs to understand that Microsoft  Azure is an immigrant to Cloud as it came from the enterprise world. The firm can realize that the Cloud would be a threat to its existence and hence made a strong cloud offering. Azure was created for building, testing as well as managing applications through its global data centers. They have thousands of cyber security experts who ensure that its Cloud remains secure. Microsoft has tighter controls of opening accounts as this helps to control to register two accounts using the same domain, which has been a problem for the AWS.
Google Cloud is another public cloud that grew from its company's App for hosting web applications from their data center. It remains to be among the top cloud players, although it follows the trails of AWS and Microsoft Azure. The google cloud provides companies with infrastructure tools and services that they need to build applications and services. It is essential to know that Google Cloud is suitable for small and medium-sized firms. Google cloud embraced some of the features that its competitors used in creating the identity-based cloud security model. Another thing that you need to know is that google cloud is the only cloud dealer that offers nested audit data.
To create a cloud security approach that is identity-based requires a person with proper knowledge about how the different cloud vendors operate. In that situation, there is a need for organizations to ensure that they liaise with IT security and Cloud experts to assist them. Learn more about computer security here:
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